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With Award-Winning Teacher

  • Masters Degree in Piano Performance
  • Patient and friendly professional musician and educator with over 15 years of experience with children, teens, and adults
  • Traditional piano
  • Modern keyboards & synthesizers
  • Audio recording & mixing
  • Sound design
  • Jazz, classical, rock, R&B, funk, soul, blues
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"Howie brings a joy to the learning experience without compromising the seriousness of hard work. He demands greatness and gets his students to reach their potential and then some."

- Ron Kerber
Associate Dean, College of Performing Arts, University of the Arts
"Howie Gordon is one of the most accomplished musicians I know, as well as an outstanding instructor, mentor and motivator. His logical yet innovative approach to teaching opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the musical language."

- Leslie Poprik
Main Line Piano
"Howie has extraordinary teaching skills, teaches a variety of musical styles, and has the proven ability to achieve success with students of all ages and all levels. Howie is able to teach jazz, classical, and popular music with an expert level of skill and knowledge."

- Darryl Schick
Music Training Center

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